Originally from Switzerland, a country that built its historical reputation on QUALITY, it made sense for us to create and market the highest quality products of Amazon

Everything started with a few Amazon orders that came with very poor quality products and far from the promises on the advertisement.


We define QUALITY challenges, first and foremost, by analyzing and understanding what consumers are unhappy about. We pull out general trends, would it be material defects, thickness, dimensions, design, bundle, colors, security, etc. and manufacture better and stronger products for our customers.


We have dozens of products redesigned and ready to be manufactured. Like every startup, we have to grow organically and with your trust, we will try to market as many better products as possible.

Patou - Pelikan in Chief

Founder and Director

Product selection and analysis

Supplier assessment and coordination

Coordination of all subcontractors



Tita - Associate  Flaminga 

Head of Customer Service

Language expert: EN, FR, DE, ES, IT

Translations & proofing

General coordination